“Anyone can learn to be creative.” Is that really true?

Absolutely. We’ve believed for thousands of years that creativity is an all-or-nothing phenomenon: you either have it and you are Pablo Picasso, or you don’t and then you’re the rest of us. But that’s not the case. What you discover when you look at creativity from the perspective of the brain is that it is universal. We’re all creative all of the time, we can’t help but be creative. It is, of course, distributed: like any other talent, some people are going to have more of it than others. But that doesn’t mean the majority of us have nothing at all. That’s why I also think that we can all get better at it. We can look at what successful creators do and try to learn from them.


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Jonah Lehrer: We can all be as creative as Picasso… we just have to learn how | Technology | The Observer (via wildcat2030)

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